About Us

our mission

Our mission is to teach young men and women the value of hard work, entrepreneurship, and money. This is a real job with real customers making real money learning a real skill. Every young person who is part of the crew puts between 10-30% of their earnings into a college fund that can only be accessed for college expenses.


mowerthe work

We fertilize, mow, and trim lawns.  We do minor landscaping and other general labor except pulling weeds. We do not do landscaping, aerating, or professional edging.



We start at $20 as a minimum and go as high as $50 for corner lots. We will give you an estimate and stick to it. For other labor, we charge $20 per hour per person.



We pay our crew as follows:

starting wage
after 100 hours
after 200 hours
after 300 hours

We want you to know this because we believe in paying good wages for good work. We are slightly more expensive than other lawn services and much of the reason is because we pay well, have good equipment, and are fully insured.

If you know a young person who lives in the neighborhood and is in line with our mission, contact us as we are always looking for good help.



We carry a general liability policy on the business as well as Workers’ Compensation on all employees. This is important as it covers you in case someone is injured while servicing your lawn.



We will give you a day that we plan on cutting your lawn that should be the same day every week. Sometimes, things come up such as sickness or weather and we have to vary the schedule by a day or two. If the schedule is off more than two days, we will usually send you an email letting you know the new plan.



We recommend that people who regularly water their lawn sign up for a weekly cut. If you do not water, we recommend a bi-weekly cut. Bi-weekly cuts are usually $5 more per cut due to the grass being longer.


length of grass

052004-green-grunge-clipart-icon-natural-wonders-leafWe cut to the standard length of 3” on all yards. Sometimes on first time cuts, the grass is very long. If the average length of your grass is over 6”, we will double the normal price for the lawn. It takes our crew over twice the time and is tough on our equipment. If the grass is over 8”, the cost is tripled.


cutting patterns

We do not cut in any specific patterns.



While we trim the grass around the edges, we do not do professional edging.


gates, locks, and such

lockIf we have to get access to a back yard through a gate, it must be unlocked or we will need a key or code to access it. We do not set up appointments with our customers. Our crews have a list of 20-30 lawns that complete daily and there are too many variables to work based on appointments.

If the crew shows up and the gate is locked, you will be charged for the full amount of the cut.


grassclipgrass clippings

We will bag all grass clippings and place them in your trash receptacles. We do not haul away grass this year due to the removal of dumpsters in Denver.

Denver is endeavoring to push “grass-cycling” which basically means that we cut the grass and leave the clippings in the lawn. Here is their rationale.

Denver Parks and Recreation already grasscycles in their daily operations at every Denver park, amounting to more than 2,500 acres of grass clippings recycled naturally each week.

“By practicing grasscycling in the city’s parks we divert more than 200 tons of grass clippings from the trash on a weekly basis and save significant staff time that would otherwise be spent bagging and hauling clippings,” says Parks Director Doug Woods. “And, it creates healthier turf and saves money on fertilizer costs.”

Denver Recycles estimates that last spring and summer, Denver residents raked, bagged and hauled nearly 50,000 tons of grass clippings to the trash. If residents had left those clippings on their lawns, the city could have saved more than $500,000 in landfill disposal fees.

If Denver residents follow Denver Parks and Recreation’s lead and grasscycle this growing season, they will help save the city significant money, reduce time spent mowing their lawns, and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases generated from grass clippings buried in landfills.

“You can grasscycle with any mower, so there are no start-up costs to do it,” says Charlotte Pitt, program manager for Denver Recycles. Leaving grass clippings on the lawn aids in water conservation efforts, as well.

“Grasscycling will help with customer water savings over the long-term, because the clippings will help build better soil that can retain moisture due to increased organic matter,” said Melissa Elliott, manager of water conservation for Denver Water. 

trashbagIf you would like to grasscycle, simply let us know and we will not bag your grass.

If you would like your grass bagged, we will do so and place the bags in your trashcan. If your trashcan is full, we will place the bag next to your trash can.

The City of Denver is also encouraging residents to use their composting program. For $29.25 each quarter, they will provide you with a green trash can and service it regularly. If we see a compost trash can, we will place the grass in there. You can sign up for the composting program here – https://www.denvergov.org/compostsignup


dogpet waste

We expect that most, if not all, pet waste is picked up when we come to mow. If this is not done, our staff and equipment end up getting it all over their shoes and wheels. Please make this a priority.



receiptWe use a cloud-based software system that handles all of our customer records, scheduling, and invoicing. This summer, we will invoce at the end of each week. If payment is late, regular cutting service will be suspended until account is made current. We receive payment in the following ways.



We can simply charge your credit card every time we invoice and this is by far the simplest way for us to do business.  You will simply need to provide us with your credit card information.


Digital – We can send you an email invoice which will direct you to a personalized online portal which will allow you to pay via credit card.

Mail – We can send you a paper invoice through the mail.


We ask that you do not give money or checks to the lawn crew.



If your bill is still outstanding after 30 days, it will be sent to collections. We cannot afford to run the business and simply write this off at the end of the year. So, please pay promptly.


phone-iconcustomer service

If you have a problem with our service, please call us and we will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.




The main person running the business is Hudson Janz. He is now a freshman at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He has his own truck and is the soul of the business, which he has now run and operated for 4 years. He hires his own crew.

303-902-3372 (Call or text)